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Aged Care requests for PPE

Residential aged care providers can request PPE by sending an email to

The Department will assess requests and may be in contact if additional information is required. Providers will be advised if their request has been successful. If so, state and territory governments will distribute the agreed PPE to the provider.

Priority will be given to aged care providers where there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19.

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Further Information and Resources


We would like to acknowledge the significant impact the coronavirus (Covid-19) is having on the aged care sector communities and individuals across the world, especially older people and those who are vulnerable. 

We recognize that those of you working in aged care will currently be experiencing significant stress and increased demands in your workplace and your priorities will be to your residents, yourselves and your loved ones. At this time, we also acknowledge the need for continuing to provide excellent communication and palliative care in your facility.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide a newsletter and advise you of some upcoming activities that may be of assistance. At the moment you are being overloaded with information and we don’t want to add to that.

Consortium Overview/Background

With over 160 facilities providing care to more than 11,000 residents, palliative care is core business to the aged care sector. We recognise the challenge for this sector with their limited budgets and resources. The provision of quality palliative care is critical for our increasingly complex and frail aged community.

The consortium’s Aged Care projects are designed to support Residential Aged Care Facilities to meet the needs of residents in a palliative approach to care.

The SMRPCC Aged Care Project was commenced in 2010 when the consortium allocated resources to promote activities across the region to support RACF’s in implementing a palliative approach to care.

The project is further supported by State Government funding allocated to the Consortia to support Aged Care Facilities in line with Strategic direction 3: Working together to ensure people die in their place of choice. See: Strengthening palliative care – Policy and strategic directions 2011-2015 Implementation strategy.


  • A Link Nurse Network has been established to share ideas and resources across RACFs via PATSI meetings
  • Linkages with Key Stakeholders to ensure shared resources and common goals and identify activities that support the implementation of the processes
  • Ongoing training on ‘Palliative Approach’ is planned for facilities across the Southern Region and expressions of interest
  • The website will continue to post relevant links, resources and information

Current Activities

The current aged care project worker is Jane Newbound.

Jane has extensive experience in the aged care sector and is currently approaching facilities in the Southern Metropolitan region to participate in the Deceased Resident File Audit Project.

Jane is contactable via the following:


Mobile:  0433418010

Currently the consortium has a focus on supporting RACFs to review their current practices around the provision of palliative care. The Deceased Resident File Audit assists facilities to develop their auditing skills. By reviewing the files of deceased residents, facilities can identify their current practice standards and opportunities for improvement.

In addition, the project worker can assist facilities to review their documentation, policies and procedures, resources and educational requirements. In addition, the relationship with specialist palliative care and residential in-reach teams can be strengthened.

On site education and support can be offered to project participants, with the intended outcome of improved palliative experiences for residents, family and staff.


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