Consortium Developed Resources

Over the years, the consortium has developed a number of resources to meet the need in the region:

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

These are difficult times. Many of our clients will be very anxious about the chance of becoming infected with a deadly virus. Many people will be worried about their loved ones and finding isolation difficult. With this in mind this webcast will attempt to cover the basic concepts and language around Meditation and Mindfulness in the hope that it may provide some strategies that will be useful and give health professionals a way of providing information about this that could help. It may also offer health professionals some strategies for self-care.

To access the webcast CLICK HERE 

  • Health Professionals: Caring for Your Mental Health & Wellbeing (podcast)

This 22-minute podcast discusses the mental health and well-being of health professionals generally, and nurses in particular, during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The experiences of those on the front line of care will be challenged as never before and this podcast provides information, strategies and tools to assist health professionals to prioritise their own wellbeing and self-care.

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  • What is Palliative Care? (webcast)

This webcast explains palliative care, including the types of supports and services offered from palliative care providers and how palliate care can empower patients, their carers and loved ones. It also promotes early referral and briefly explains the referral processes and models of care.

To access the webcast CLICK HERE

  • Promoting Quality of Life – Speakers Kit

This resource will assist palliative care services to establish a system to more proactively engage with the community, through training and supporting volunteers and staff to deliver talks to community groups. It includes information on processes to establish, tips on public speaking and a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Palliative Care Conversations

This program has been developed to train clinicians in generalist health services to understand the palliative care sector better and to improve their skills to have conversations with clients around referral to palliative care. It includes a facilitators guide, a session plan, a PowerPoint presentation and handouts. It is a train-the -trainer resource and can be used by experienced palliative care staff to train their non-palliative care colleagues.

To receive a copy of the resource please email Consortium Manager Tanja Bahro at  

  • Consider the Carer

This resource is aimed at clinicians and helps them to better understand the practical and financial issues around caring for someone with a terminal illness. It includes relevant links to organisations that can assist with finances and practical issues.

To access Consider the Carer CLICK HERE

  • Disability Fact Sheet Series

While these fact sheets are aimed at staff in group homes, they can also provide some relevant information for palliative care staff with clients in group homes. Please see below (Resources: Disability) for the list of topics and to access individual fact sheets.

Aged Care

SMRPCC has an aged care specific resource list which can be sent to you. For a copy of the list please email Consortium Manager Tanja Bahro at

Please also see below (Resources: Aged Care) for additional resources to support RACFs in implementing the palliative approach.

Monthly Email Update

Each month the SMRPCC distributes an email update which includes training opportunities, useful resources and Consortium news.
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Education & Events

Please see our Education and Training Opportunities Calendar for palliative care education and training opportunities within the region and online.

The following services publish training calendars which include education relevant to aged care, palliative care and the palliative approach:

Palliative Care Services in the Region

Resources: Motor Neurone Disease

Victorian Respiratory Support Service: 24 hours 7 days a week state wide service

Outreach nurses: 03 9496 3665

After hours:   Austin Hospital Ward 5 West: 03 9496 3685