Motor Neurone Disease


Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a life-threatening illness. People with MND, their families and carers need access to a broad range of services that assist with the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual impacts of the disease. Palliative care can provide many of these elements.

The MND Program aims to increase access of people with MND to palliative care. It assists palliative care services to manage and support people living with MND.

Robyn Reid MND SCW

Robyn Reid was trained as a Registered Nurse and is now a Social Worker. She has had extensive experience in health, welfare and education sectors.


Current Activities:

Top-up funding

Palliative care services can apply to receive up to $2000 top-up funding if they have a client with Motor Neurone Disease. This is available to:

  • Inpatient Palliative Care Services and
  • Community Palliative Care services

Applications for this funding are available at the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

For any assistance with applications in the Southern Metropolitan Region please contact Robyn Reid


Robyn provides education, information, resources and support about Motor Neurone Disease and Palliative Care for health professionals.

Topics include:

  • What is MND?
  • Fronto-temporal dementia in MND
  • Non- invasive ventilation management and care
  • Conversations about palliative care- communications skills to assist appropriate palliative care referrals
  • Sexuality and palliative care-assisting health professionals to talk about sexuality
  • Finding Hope-Advanced communication and assessment of quality of life and well-being in aged care settings

Program of Experience in Motor Neurone Disease (PEM)

This is an annual placement program, organised in collaboration between the consortium, Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem and the Motor Neurone Association of Victoria.

Up to four palliative care professionals per year undertake a four day placement in the specialist services. Participants identify their learning needs and are supported to improve their understanding of best practice with regard to MND. This skill development and knowledge is then taken back into their palliative care agency and used to support, resource and educate their colleagues.


To view MND resources CLICK HERE!